The Omega Society understands first hand the trauma families face at the loss of a loved one. Omega's founder, Jeremiah de Michaelis, formed the company in 1974 after the death of his father. After spending thousands of dollars on a top-of-the-line funeral, casket and mausoleum, he later realized his family had been pursuaded by the funeral home to overspend emotionally in a last display of love for their husband and father. Vowing to prevent the same fate from happening to others, he changed careers and launched The Omega Society as a means for individuals to decide for themselves on their own final arrangements -- taking the burden of decision-making away from surviving loved ones -- as well as providing an economical, yet quality alternative to costly funeral service. Nearly a half-a-century later, his vision is timely and popular. As more and more families choose quality, cost effective alternatives, so are more and more families choosing The Omega Society.

The Omega Society is one of the oldest existing cremation and funeral societies in the U.S. today. Founded in 1974, Omega has nearly a half-a-century of service to families, and our staff has over 100 years of combined experience in the industry. Omega's long-standing, impeccable reputation for reliable, caring service at an exceptionally affordable price, provides families with the benefits of both, along with the complete peace of mind in knowing all arrangements are carried out with the utmost dignity and care.

As a family-owned and operated company, The Omega Society is known for its warm, compassionate and personalized service. Since each of our staff has first hand experience with the loss of a loved one, families often comment on our sensitivity and empathy, as well as our friendly nature. When finances are an issue, Omega will work with families to make our services affordable to everyone, and prides itself in being one of the few providers who will accept payment from Social Services. Omega's complimentary planting of a Living Memorial Tree through the US Forestry Service is another small, but appreciated gesture indicative of our special touch. Our reputation for going beyond the call of duty, and our honesty in deterring families from overspending are the hallmarks of our service and the very principles upon which Omega was founded. These intangible, but important qualities are what truly differentiates The Omega Society from other funeral service providers.

3 D'M's

In 1991, Mr. de Michaelis and his wife, Julie, were joined by their daughter, Janet, in themanagement of The Omega Society. She has continued as President since his death in 1999. William de Michaelis, grandson of the Founder, recently joined the Omega team, and The Omega Society is now proud to be in its third generation of service to families. 

Just as The Omega Society is not your typical funeral home, so too is Janet de Michaelis not your typical funeral director. A licensed Funeral Director, Life Insurance Agent, Crematory Manager and Cemetery Manager, Ms. de Michaelis has also earned both Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Family Studies with an emphasis in Counseling. Her professional career includes positions in high visibility organizations -- including The White House in Washington, DC -- where attention to detail, logistics, event planning and costs were daily requirements. Together, she brings a fresh, new approach to funeral service, along with a special sensitivity in caring for families.


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