Since 1974, The Omega Society is proud to be a forefront provider of high quality, low cost cremation services long before discount funeral packages were ever popular. Omega's unique, "one-low-price-includes-everything" approach is simple and straight forward, and cuts through the "smoke and mirror" pricing tactics commonly used in the industry. Families who call us are often amazed--and relieved--not only by our low price, but by the number of services that are included in the price. Items like storage fees, cremation container, basic urn and scattering at sea are all included.

In addition, unlike many other providers, families are comforted to know that once their loved one enters our care, they never leave our facility. Our brand new, state-of-the-art crematory and refrigerated holding facility are located under one roof, on-site, in our spacious, attractive office building.  

It is eye-opening to realize that at traditional funeral homes, prices for direct cremation often start at well over $1,000....even exceeding $3,000!  When families compare Omega's prices to other more expensive providers, we remind them that all funeral service providers perform identically the same why pay more for overhead and advertising? When asked "How can you charge so little?" Our answer: "We wonder how our competitors can get away with charging so much!"

The truth is, over the past 40 years, the cremation rate has skyrocketed to over 60% in California, and consumers have become saavy funeral care shoppers. Every family that walks in the front door of a traditional funeral home requesting cremation means the funeral home will make far less money than they could command for a traditional funeral. Carrying sizable overhead, a funeral home simply can't afford to charge less, and certainly can't compete with low-cost providers.  

So, as the cremation rate continues to rise, more and more firms are doing their best to appear like a low cost provider, but, in reality, are expensive traditional funeral homes with a low cost sounding name, trying to corner both ends of the market.  Worse yet, any newcomer can get a license, hang a shingle, and hide behind a fancy website, but may only consist of a one-person operation, with a cell phone and a van.  Don't you want to know with whom you are dealing?  Isn't it upsetting to know one company may be charging two completely different prices, and that you could pay a lower price with the same company? 

Since 1974, The Omega Society has been the pioneer in offering high quality, low cost cremation services to thousands of families. For over 40 years, we've delivered the same straight message and the same low price.  No other provider can offer the unique combination of all of the following benefits:  40+ years in business, breadth of experience, exceptional quality of service, sterling reputation, spacious, attractive offices with full staff, 24 hour access to a care counselor (not an answering service), state-of-the-art, on-site crematory and refrigerated holding facility, AND a low price. 

Bottom line, The Omega Society's impeccable reputation for providing some of the best, most complete cremation service at some of the best prices available anywhere is beyond compare.  Call for yourself and see....

Funeral Home
Cost of Services
Omega Society
+ Transportation
Includes FREE scattering
Pacific View Mortuary
$225 scattering
Rose Hills - Whittier
no scattering
Forest Lawn Mortuary
$300 scattering
O'Connor Laguna Hills Mortuary
$275 scattering
Westminister Mortuary
$225 scattering
Harbor Lawn Mortuary
$225 scattering
Neptune Society - OC
Neptune Society - LA (Trident Society)
 $200 scattering   
Fairhaven Mortuary
$150 scattering

*Based on Actual Telephone Price Comparison. Total Cost Includes Professional Staff Services, Refrigeration at our On-Site Holding Facility, Obtaining Medical Information and Signatures, Typing and Filing of Death Certificate and Permit, Cremation Container, Cremation at our On-Site Crematory, Utility Urn, Release to Family or Unwitnessed Scattering At Sea with Certificate, Assistance with Social Services Financial Aid, and Planting of Living Memorial Tree with Certificate. Transportation based on location.  Permit Fee, State Tax and Death Certificates Additional.  *Price subject to change without notice.

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