Funeral Home License # FD-1280

Crematory License # CR-343

Funeral Director Licence # FDR-486

1577 North Main Street
Orange, CA 92867
1-800-64-OMEGA (1-800-646-6342)

FAX 714-754-7103

Thank you for contacting the Omega Society....

IF YOU HAVE JUST LOST A LOVED ONE AND NEED TO REPORT THE DEATH, PLEASE CALL THE OMEGA SOCIETY IMMEDIATELY AT 1-800-646-6342. Please accept our deepest condolences for your loss.

If you would like to Pre-Register, or need to make arrangements for an ill or recently deceased Loved One, you will need to fill out one or more of the following forms (on the person for whom services will be provided). This feature will allow you the convenience of completing the requested information in the privacy of your own home or office.

Please fill out the appropriate forms completely, print, sign them at ALL places marked for signature or initials, and either fax them to 714-754-7103, OR scan and email them to

Note: To view and print these forms, you may need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader:



STEP 1: INSTRUCTIONAL COVER SHEET with Important Information.   


STEP 2: REGISTRATION FORMS .  Choose the appropriate Registration packet from the two options below.  Please fill out completely, sign, and fax or email to us.



The following 3 steps are only required if applicable: 

STEP 3: CORONER RELEASE FORM (For Coroner Cases only). Requires signature only. Please select the appropriate County from the choices below:


STEP 4: NEXT OF KIN AUTHORIZATION (Only if Needed).  To be signed by an additional legal next of kin, authorizing another to make arrangements for them, only if applicable.  Please select the appropriate form.


STEP 5: UNABLE TO LOCATE (Only if Needed) To be used if there is an additional legal next of kin who cannot be contacted nor located (required hold time, required by law, will be observed).   



STEP 6: Orange County Register Obituary Form.  If you would like to

submit an obituary directly to the Orange County Register, this form will provide you with instructions and pricing, for your convenience.    

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